Landing on moon according to NASA

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Artemis moon missions by NASA: Where Americans land on the moon

Where Americans landing on the moon according to NASA The United States is the only country to have successfully conducted crewed operations on the Moon, with the last departing the lunar face in December 1972.

An American flag is still on the moon

The flag is still on the moon, but you can not see it using a telescope. I set up some statistics on the size of the lunar outfit in a Press attack for the Apollo 16 charge.

Will Artemis 2 & Artemis 3 land on the moon? Landing on the moon According to NASA reports

 Landing on the moon according to NASA reports Artemis 2 will fly astronauts to the Moon. Not earlier than 2024, and Artemis 3 will land a crew near the Moon’s south pole. This charge, listed for 2025 or latterly, will include the first woman to set bottom on the lunar surface. The US Lunar Orbiter program also shouldered the first detailed mapping of the far side of the Moon, but it wasn’t until 1968 that the far side was first seen directly by mortal eyes, on the Apollo 8 charge.

13 regions where humans can land explored by NASA

 The space agency blazoned Friday that it has named 13 possible regions at the South Pole of the moon. Where there’s ice in the permanently shadowed craters and is a long way from the home explored by Neil Armstrong and the other Apollo astronauts. Landing on the moon NASA officers said they chose the levee spots using data from the Lunar Surveillance Orbiter.

Landing on the moon according to NASA a robotic spacecraft that has been mapping the lunar face since 2009 as well as other studies of the moon. Concluding these regions means we’re one giant leap closer to returning humans to the moon. For the first time since Apollo, Mark Kirasich, NASA’s deputy associate director for the Artemis crusade development division, said in a statement. When we do, it’ll be unlike any charge that’s come before. As astronauts feat into dark areas preliminarily unreached and unexplored by humans and lay the root for unborn long-term stays.

Places on the moon named

The named places are Faustini Rim A, Peak Near Shackleton, Connecting Ridge, and Connecting Ridge Extension. Two regions on the verge of de Gerlache Crater, Leibnitz Beta Plateau, de Gerlache, Kocher Massif, Haworth, Malapert Massif. Two regions on the verge of Nobile Crater and Amundsen Rim. The agency has linked and will estimate further than 10 specific levee spots. Within each region, all of which are within six degrees of latitude of the south pole of the moon.


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